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A secret of the Amalfi Coast

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Hiking the Amalfi Coast: Valle delle Ferriere

"You may have the universe, If I may have Italy"

When it comes to the Amalfi coast, towns like Amalfi and Positano are the main tourist attractions. But the truth is there is a lot more to see and discover, far away from the populated towns of the coast. If you are a nature lover, there are some amazing hiking trails, which will show you the insane beauty of this area.

Valle delle Ferriere

I'm in the main square of a small town named Atrani, just minutes away from Amalfi. Of course the first thing I do is order a delicious cup of Italian coffee while I prepare myself mentally for the hike that awaits, because one thing is for sure; it’s going to be a long day. From the main square, I start to walk through the typical narrow streets. It takes a lot of steps to finally reach the point from where you can see the amazing view of Atrani below you.


Atrani, one of the amazing towns along the Amalfi Coast

At a certain point I find myself on a crossroad. Instead of going to the right in the direction of Pontone, I take a left turn, towards the Tower of Ziro. It's a nice walk, with again a lot of climbing but the view is so worth it. During the walk towards the tower, I can see the town of Ravello with its beautiful villas, and below me the town of Atrani.

But it gets even better when I finally reach the tower. From up there I have an incredible view with Amalfi to my right, Atrani to my left and in front of me the ocean. I take a lot of pictures, trying to capture the moment. I sit down for a moment, to eat some fruit and drink some water (since it's hot, I have to stay hydrated) and continue to enjoy this wonderful view.

View from Torre dello Ziro

I decide to continue. On the way back, I take another trail that leads around the area of the tower; from there I can see Pontone, my next stop. At the end, this trail leads me to the main entrance of the tower and from there I descend again, towards the crossroad. This time I continue the walk towards the town of Pontone.

It's here where the famous hiking trail of the Valle delle Ferriere starts. It is a hot summer day, around 35 degrees already, but I forget about the temperatures because I am enjoying the views to the fullest. I’m surrounded by nature, can see the ocean from up here and there’s nothing but the sounds of birds singing.

Hiking the Valle delle Ferriere

Nature Reserve

After a while I reach the ruins of the old mill. I decide to take the stairs and choose the path above the river. Walking under the shadow of the trees, the air is a lot cooler. At a certain point, I find myself at a closed fence. My first thought is that the trail ends here and that I am not allowed to walk further. But I'm wrong. The fence is open and I can continue my hike, deeper into this beautiful part and less known part of the Amalfi Coast.

I get to a bridge to cross the river which has a small waterfall. I'm amazed by this wonder of nature and feel the need to touch the running water of the river and the waterfall. I continue climbing. It is an uphill trail with a lot of steps and I have to admit that with the burning sun, it takes a little effort to reach the top. Finally there, I continue walking and I see the sign that says Nature Reserve.

The waterfall of the Valle delle Ferriere

It feels like I am in a fairytale, with the cool breeze, the fresh water and only the sounds of nature. I walk along the river and continue climbing on the rocks to admire all the beauty there is in this place. The trail in the nature reserve ends here, so after a short stop I walk back, to the ruins of the old mill. From there the path descends towards Amalfi. It takes approximately 40 minutes from there, but on my way down I take time to enjoy the view with lots of green and lemon trees. I stop for a drink in an 'Agricola', where they make lemon granita, out of biological lemons.

From the 'Agricola' it takes me another 15 minutes of walking to reach the town of Amalfi. When I pass the main square of Amalfi it's filled with tourists taking pictures, having ice cream, and going towards the many shops in the nearby streets. I wonder if they know about the magical world that lies behind this main tourist attraction that’s so worth visiting...



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