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    Campania Coast to Coast

    Tour Guide Lucia Sessa takes you around Italy's finest region

    Campania Coast to Coast

    Amalfi Coast, Paestum, Cilento, Salerno, Naples and Pompeii Tours


    "Lucia' s bubbly personality was much appreciated"

    Campania Coast to Coast

    Amalfi Coast, Paestum, Cilento, Salerno, Naples and Pompeii Tours


    "Lucia' s bubbly personality was much appreciated"

  • About Me

    "We were impressed with the information Lucia gave us.

    She made sure we enjoyed ourselves"

    Paul and Joan, Ohio/USA

    I am truly proud of the fact that I can call myself a licensed tour guide. I studied Historical Art and Criticism at the University of Salerno. After this I decided to specialize as a museum educator and expert of Cultural Heritage Mediation at Romatrè University. I also followed a specialization course as a Visual Disability Communication Expert.


    My real passion is to get people familiar with the wonderful cultural heritage of my region. I love sharing this with people from all over the world.


    I would describe a tour with me as an emotional experience above all and not just a simple guided visit consisting out of boring content. Instead, it is a fantastic journey filled with images, landscapes, smells, flavours, traditions and emotions that together allows you to discover the “great beauties” of Campania.

  • Tours

    My (private) tours focus on the entire region of Campania, there is so much to see!

    Please also contact us if you wish to have a tailor made tour.

    Naples and Pompeii

    "Back in time"

    As a tour guide with a degree in Art & History places like Naples and Pompeii are among my favorite. The history of both is very impressive, dating back to the 7th and 8th century B.C. The two can be visited in one day, or in two separate visits if you want a private tour with a lot of information and details.

    Sunset in the beautiful city of Salerno: the gateway to the Amalfi Coast


    "The other gateway to the Amalfi Coast"

    My hometown Salerno is a very charming city. The city is located between the coasts of Amalfi and Cilento. Salerno has a interesting historical city centre with many different sights that are worth a visit, including 'the cathedral of Salerno'.

    Amalfi Coast

    "The secrets of Amalfi"

    The amazing Amalfi Coast really doesn't need an introduction. But of course there is more to "Italy's most beautiful coastline" than just the popular hotspots. My tours focus on the secrets of this very special part of the region, and it's fascinating history. Discover the secrets of the incredible Amalfi Coast!

    The tempels of Paestum are very impressive


    "Greek colonialism"

    On this tour we visit the archeological site of Paestum, with its 3 beautiful and ancient tempels. Paestum is more than 2700 years old! We can combine the visit to Paestum with the Cilento coast. This part of Campania is just as impressive as the Amalfi coast but definitely not as well known.

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    Paestum, where nature, ancient histroy and art come together...


  • Campania

    Welcome to Italy's finest region and my home: Campania!

    Campania is a region of Italy located in the south of Italy. Campania's capital is Naples. This harbour city, Italy's 3rd biggest city after Rome and Milan is probably most known for the 'Camorra', the Mafia. But Naples is so much more. It's the oldest city of Italy, and its history dates back to the 8th century B.C. Naples has the biggest historic centre of Europe (!), part of it is listed on the world heritage list of Unesco.

    Just outside Naples you'll find the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. In 79 (AD) when the Vesuvius erupted, Pompeii was covered with pyroplastic material. The first ruins were discovered in the 16th century. A visit to this impressive archeological site takes you back to how life was like more than 2600 years ago. Pompeii too is listed on the world heritage list of Unesco.

    Paestum, another important archeological site of Italy is located in the Cilento coast of Campania. Pastime is the Roman name for Poseidon, which was a Greek city in the time when they had colonised the southern part of Italy. Today, the 3 remaining tempels within the 'city walls' of Paestum are the main reason for a visit. Paestum has been part of the Unesco heritage list since 1988.

    Salerno, the second city of the Campania region, is the perfect place to start a trip to the Amalfi Coast. This charming harbour city located to the south of Naples is only minutes away from Vietri Sul Mare, where the Amalfi Coast starts. Salerno is known for her University, which is one of the oldest of Europe.

    The Amalfi Coast is often referred to as "the most beautiful coastline of Italy". With is amazing mountains and spectacular sea views the Amalfi Coast captures everyone who visits. Places such as Positano and Ravello are breathtaking, and receive visitors from all over the world. The Amalfi Coast is listed on the Unecso world heritage list.

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    Discovering the Amalfi Coast’s miracle lemons: When tourists visit the Amalfi Coast they are inebriated by the unique setting of its breath-taking panorama shaped by the arduous and rocky nature of the Lattari Mountains. They are impressed by the beauty of its spectacular and uncontaminated...
    The Campania region of Southern Italy is most known for its historic capital Napels and the Amalfi Coast, which generally is seen as one of Italy's most beautiful coastlines. Some call it one of the Mediterraneans most impressive coasts, or even go as far to say that it's one of the most...
    What if someone would ask me how a perfect day looks like in my life? I would answer without any hesitation and I would be able to describe it in great detail... It is a sunny day with a clear blue sky, and in front of me there is a long straight path completely surrounded by ancient walls and...
    When it comes to the Amalfi coast, towns like Amalfi and Positano are the main tourist attractions. But the truth is there is a lot more to see and discover, far away from the populated towns of the coast. If you are a nature lover, there are some amazing hiking trails, which will show you the...
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